Hotel Jobs in Austin, TX




Job Summary 

Responsible for the cleanliness of the public and guest areas of the hotel and restaurant.

Duties and Responsibilities


  1. Ensure the best possible lodging experience for each guest.
  2. Follow the employee handbook grooming and appearance guidelines.
  3. Wear a provided uniform and nametag at all times on property.
  4. Responsible for the cleaning of corridors, guest areas, service areas and linen closets.
  5. Empty housekeepers’ trash and linen bags.
  6. Deposits linen down chute and carries trash to dumpster.
  7. Vacuums corridors and/or guestrooms.
  8. Delivers rollaway and cribs to guestrooms.
  9. Turns mattresses as directed by management.
  10. Stocks supplies needed for linen closets.
  11. Vacuums public areas.
  12. Sweeps and mops service landings.
  13. Mops vending machine areas and keeps machines clean.
  14. Checks all public restrooms for cleanliness several times daily.
  15. Checks each floor to make sure fire doors are open.
  16. Checks elevators for cleanliness.
  17. Assists with luggage handling.
  18. Cleans rooms when needed.
  19. Checks lights and changes bulbs.
  20. Maintains outside grounds daily.
  21. Assists in the unloading of deliveries and the proper storage of such.
  22. Maintenance of the marquee.
  23. Completes assigned checklist and returns to Executive Housekeeper at end of shift.

Supervisor:  Executive Housekeeper

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